Funeral Services


Our graveyard will be closed for the duration of the reordering and renovation of our church building. This is due to be completed by the end of August 2020.


The lockdown measures currently in place during the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the ways in which we are able to commemorate the passing of those dear to our hearts. Funeral services will take place at a crematorium or at the graveside, and not in church buildings. These will follow a shortened format of authorised words and prayers, and only a very few close family members will be allowed to be there in person with the minister and the mortal remains of the deceased.

For those family members and friends who are not able to be present at a funeral service, please make use of the Church of England's 'A simple reflection at home on the day of a funeral you can’t attend'.


St Peter-in-the-Forest Church

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Peterhouse Community Centre

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